Monday, October 22, 2007

Waka waka

Holy Lifton Batman. I have no idea what to say here. It's noted that there's not one measly comment on any of my posts - therefore I think I'm talking to myself when I write these bloody things.

Let me set the atmosphere for you. It's mid October, HMCS Nickeless has been hauled out; fogged and stored - and the summer is nothing but a memory that brings a dumb grin to my face. You know the grin I'm talking about... The type of look your parents get when you accomplish something - and you just see them smiling away. There are other reasons I get a dumb grin on my face - but will save those for later.

My life has changed drastically since my last post. At the time of my last post; I was chatting with a girl who I had met 8 years ago while attending the University of Ottawa. Now, I cant imagine her not in my life. Is is not amazing what a short 4 or 5 months will do?

Becky and I had the most amazing summer learning all about one another. We've been through our first (second and third and fourth) fight, we've met each others parents (more than once or twice) and we've discovered we share many of the same idealologies. (Except policital; social or religion) ha! just kidding; if the old addage of "opposites attract; we're the freekin poster children for that ad...

I love her; I dont know how I've managed without her in my life. Becky accepts me for who and what I am - and makes me realise my "way" is not always the right way. That said; I have one thought for you my Liberal Lady; "Right is Right -- Left is Wrong."

Anyway; I cant begin to say how great my life has got over the past 1 year. Exactly one year ago; I was in a totally different state... Um, I wont even go there. I'll focus on the good.

Well, since last year; I have made the largest purchase of my life; I bought my first home! Although it's a condo/townhouse; it's mine and I love it!! I bought it brand new - and everything in this place - from the hardwood floor to faux wood blinds are my idea! Crimies; I even chose the knobs for my kitchen cubbords - as well as the colour of paint for all the walls! I must say, I am rather impressed; I chose everything from samples and swatches while I was having the place build in January. It's amazing how everything really came together for me.

I absolutly love Ganananananananananan-Knock-Knock-Way. It's 21 minutes from the Toronto-Dominon Bank - but I'm also 4 minutes from my boat! I go for my nightly walk and have the pleasure of running into people I know and I love it. It's an amazingly freindly town and everyone here has made me feel most welcome.

Beck still resides in the metropolis of Ottawa - NEWS FLASH!!!! Wait! Effective Nov 6th, the lovely Becky will be repositioned to Mississauga. (Yes, the FAR side of toronto) I am so proud of her. This is an amazing opportunity for her to gain soem valuable field experience as she already has 6 years of Head office exposure. Anway; we just spent the last three days in Mississauga checking out places for her to live. To be honest, I'm looking at the places with my best interest in mind too... Since I work for the bank thats headquartered in Toronto; I will need (and want) to make the move myself. It's not going to be in the next month; but all in good time.

Hmm. What else; nothing I guess at this moment. I have so may stories... I guess you'll just have to come back more often to see whats going on in the world of Nicholas Alexander Myles O'Reilly.

This will continue to be the official Ships Log of HMCS Nickeless; even though she's dry docked.

Well, talk with you later.

Nickeless Out.

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Bex said...

you're the sweetest babe... love you, xo