Monday, October 22, 2007

Waka waka

Holy Lifton Batman. I have no idea what to say here. It's noted that there's not one measly comment on any of my posts - therefore I think I'm talking to myself when I write these bloody things.

Let me set the atmosphere for you. It's mid October, HMCS Nickeless has been hauled out; fogged and stored - and the summer is nothing but a memory that brings a dumb grin to my face. You know the grin I'm talking about... The type of look your parents get when you accomplish something - and you just see them smiling away. There are other reasons I get a dumb grin on my face - but will save those for later.

My life has changed drastically since my last post. At the time of my last post; I was chatting with a girl who I had met 8 years ago while attending the University of Ottawa. Now, I cant imagine her not in my life. Is is not amazing what a short 4 or 5 months will do?

Becky and I had the most amazing summer learning all about one another. We've been through our first (second and third and fourth) fight, we've met each others parents (more than once or twice) and we've discovered we share many of the same idealologies. (Except policital; social or religion) ha! just kidding; if the old addage of "opposites attract; we're the freekin poster children for that ad...

I love her; I dont know how I've managed without her in my life. Becky accepts me for who and what I am - and makes me realise my "way" is not always the right way. That said; I have one thought for you my Liberal Lady; "Right is Right -- Left is Wrong."

Anyway; I cant begin to say how great my life has got over the past 1 year. Exactly one year ago; I was in a totally different state... Um, I wont even go there. I'll focus on the good.

Well, since last year; I have made the largest purchase of my life; I bought my first home! Although it's a condo/townhouse; it's mine and I love it!! I bought it brand new - and everything in this place - from the hardwood floor to faux wood blinds are my idea! Crimies; I even chose the knobs for my kitchen cubbords - as well as the colour of paint for all the walls! I must say, I am rather impressed; I chose everything from samples and swatches while I was having the place build in January. It's amazing how everything really came together for me.

I absolutly love Ganananananananananan-Knock-Knock-Way. It's 21 minutes from the Toronto-Dominon Bank - but I'm also 4 minutes from my boat! I go for my nightly walk and have the pleasure of running into people I know and I love it. It's an amazingly freindly town and everyone here has made me feel most welcome.

Beck still resides in the metropolis of Ottawa - NEWS FLASH!!!! Wait! Effective Nov 6th, the lovely Becky will be repositioned to Mississauga. (Yes, the FAR side of toronto) I am so proud of her. This is an amazing opportunity for her to gain soem valuable field experience as she already has 6 years of Head office exposure. Anway; we just spent the last three days in Mississauga checking out places for her to live. To be honest, I'm looking at the places with my best interest in mind too... Since I work for the bank thats headquartered in Toronto; I will need (and want) to make the move myself. It's not going to be in the next month; but all in good time.

Hmm. What else; nothing I guess at this moment. I have so may stories... I guess you'll just have to come back more often to see whats going on in the world of Nicholas Alexander Myles O'Reilly.

This will continue to be the official Ships Log of HMCS Nickeless; even though she's dry docked.

Well, talk with you later.

Nickeless Out.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Captains Log - Sunday May 20th 2007 (Gananoque, ON)

Well, last night was some what of a gongshow... Had a group of yahoo's from my University of Ottawa days come to Ktown to celebrate Ryan and Alex's bdays. We spent some time at the my place then proceeded to downtown Kingston, where we started our night of debauchery. Met up with Amy and Nicole; who saw us at our very best... Wow. talk about making a first impression. Igg.

Anway; I drank too much. Enough said. So, having said that, the morning of Sunday was a little rough. After Mike and the yahoos left; I went to Clarks where I waxed the deck of the boat and cleaned it up a little. Following that; I took a ride to Kingston to check out the city. It took about 40 minutes from Clarks to Portsmouth Harbour. The weather was lovely; a little windy though. I say many "Ragbags" who were heeled right over. (That looked fun - not)

Anyway, went to Confederation Basin directly accross from the former Parliament Buildings; now the Kingston City Hall. Lots of NICE boats.... Most power...

I had to radio the Harbour Master on 68 because Richardsons indicated they were purveyors of fuel. However, the Harbour Master had a different story. He redirected me to Portsmouth Olympic Harbour. Where I fueled at 1.26/litre. (Not too bad - especially since it's a City Owner marina. Porstmouth is located directly beside the Kingston Penitentiary... Lots of barbed wire and guys with guns at that place!!

Anyway, my ride back to Gan was a little painful for two reasons. One; My hangover hadn't subsided and two; the wind had picked up to 40 knots; and the swells were beating me to a pulp! Once I made it back to the covered Bateuax Channel; the ride was a lot smoother.

Nickeless Out.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Captains Log: Saturday May 19th 2007

I had to work all day; but by 4:00 I was in a pair of shorts heading to the Marina!

I had Mike and some other guys I went to UO with come for a visit. They were just on their way and werent expected in Gan for another hour; so, I took the boat from Clarks to Fort Henry. This trip took a short 30 mins; which includes the slowdown in front of Treasure Island Yacht Club. (max speed 9 knots)

This was my first real trip and I was sure to have my Charts readily available. The Bateaux Channel is well marked and is fairly easy to navigate. At the mouth of the St Lawrence and Lake Ontario - the waves really pick up...

I almost had an incident today; there are "cable ferry's" that pass between the mainland and islands (i.e.. Simcoe; Howe and Wolfe) Anyway, these bloody cable ferry's follow a cable thats attached to the bottom of the water - but the cabe has such a scope to it; that if you get too close; your prob could potentially run over the cable!! I thought I was doing everything right and I passed the ferry beind it - but as I was passing; I could see the bloody cable! Immediatly I altered my course to port and didnt hit the cable! I imagine the captain of the the ferry thougth I was an numbskull.

Nickeless Out.

Captains Log: Monday May 21st 2007

I finally got back to Canada at about 3:00am from the Wild Bachelor Party... God I was exhasuted... A great time though! I left my office at 5:00 and was anxious to go for a toot in the boat.

Just a short ride this time; went to Gan and back; the weather was lovely; 19" with lotsa sun!

Well, that was it. The ride was roughly 1 hour... Nothing too much to report!

One thing; there are white and orange channel markers at the mouth of my harbour - they're really close together and I therefore dont know what side to pass on!?! I looked at my depthsounder and it was reading 3 feet at one point; guess that means I went on the wrong side?,, Eh?
Nickeless Out.

Maiden Voyage - 1000 Islands

Captains Log: May 16th 2007

I was sooooo excited! I got a call from Andy at my marina advising me that my boat had passed its "physical exam" and was ready for launch! I had spend the weekend prior waxing 'er and getting it looking all nice and perdy- so I was anxious for the mechanical work to be completed, plus I was truly hoping that nothing major had to be done to the engine. Yippee though, it passed!

Aaron Garfat was coming to Gananoque as we were flying out of Syracuse on Thursday morning to head to Scotty's Bachelor party; therefore; as soon as Gar came to my condo, we packed a cooler full of brown bottles and headed to the boat!!

With a single turn of the key; the Maxum started with ease. God, it felt spectacular to be back in it again... Our journey went from Clark's Marina to Gananoque downtown. We parked at the municipal marina and walked to Paddy's Pub located on the waterfront. Gar had about 100 chickenwings - as they were on special and I had the most amazing burger. It was about 8:00; and getting dark fast; therefore, we left the restaurant/bar and booted it back to my Marina.

We covered the boat and stumbled back to the O'Reilly Estate; where we continued to have another beer or three... Luckily; we stopped at 3; as we had an early flight the next day!

Nickeless Out.

The Boating Season Begins

Captains Log: April 27-30th 2007

The boat has been rather lonly in Killarney for the past number of months. I've been waiting for the water become a little nicer here and finally be able to bring the HMCS Nickeless home...

On Thursday night; I drove from Kingston to Peterborough, to pick up my parents Pathfinder (which was to tow the boat). I got to Peterborough at about 11:00 and found my father waiting up for me. We had a 5 minute chat and he went to bed. I had worked a very long day and therefore did the same. I was up early and went to Smitty's with Big Bri for a little old fashioned home cooking. We met up with my two uncles who regaled us with stories.

10:00am - I switched cars with my Mom - she took the Accord and I got the pathfinder. I was on my way to the north!

I got to Sudbury at about 3:00pm and went to Kevin Despot's place. When he got home; we had an amazing BBQ that consisted of steak and salmon. (Recommendation; don't get a salmon roast - this particular product is quite "bony" and requires a lot of detialed attention. (Not something I could do after consuming a bottle of Shiraz.

Later in the night; Kevin and I, along with Louise Rocca went to the invvitable "down town Sudbury" and had a riot! Preceeding this junket; we went to our Friend Stelios' new restaurant called "Ti Amo". The place is a great dessert place - which whould likely put a diabetic into a tailspin. Furthermore; this place is not to be confused with Tye's Amo Outlet of Amunition and Guns)

Saturday; Kev rolled out of bed at 12:00; and we drove to Killarney. As usual; kevin slept the whole trip; forcing me to talk to myself.

We got to Killarney and were met by my close, close, boating friends; Chantal, Jeff, Abey and Ella. We stayed at the infamous KBI (Killarney Bay Inn) becuase it was far too cold to stay onboard the boats.

Actually, this is the night Jeff Kev and I shangheid the buoy... Hmm...

Anyway; Satursday night ended for us 2 cases of beer later and at 5:30am. Igg.

Sunday was a rough drive back to Peterborough; plus I got a sunburn on my right side becuase I left the sunroof open the whole 6 hour trip from Killarney. Lovely, eh? (What an idiot)

The boat trailered well and I was glad to have got it back here safe and sound!

Nickeless Out.