Sunday, May 20, 2007

Maiden Voyage - 1000 Islands

Captains Log: May 16th 2007

I was sooooo excited! I got a call from Andy at my marina advising me that my boat had passed its "physical exam" and was ready for launch! I had spend the weekend prior waxing 'er and getting it looking all nice and perdy- so I was anxious for the mechanical work to be completed, plus I was truly hoping that nothing major had to be done to the engine. Yippee though, it passed!

Aaron Garfat was coming to Gananoque as we were flying out of Syracuse on Thursday morning to head to Scotty's Bachelor party; therefore; as soon as Gar came to my condo, we packed a cooler full of brown bottles and headed to the boat!!

With a single turn of the key; the Maxum started with ease. God, it felt spectacular to be back in it again... Our journey went from Clark's Marina to Gananoque downtown. We parked at the municipal marina and walked to Paddy's Pub located on the waterfront. Gar had about 100 chickenwings - as they were on special and I had the most amazing burger. It was about 8:00; and getting dark fast; therefore, we left the restaurant/bar and booted it back to my Marina.

We covered the boat and stumbled back to the O'Reilly Estate; where we continued to have another beer or three... Luckily; we stopped at 3; as we had an early flight the next day!

Nickeless Out.

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