Sunday, May 20, 2007

Captains Log: Saturday May 19th 2007

I had to work all day; but by 4:00 I was in a pair of shorts heading to the Marina!

I had Mike and some other guys I went to UO with come for a visit. They were just on their way and werent expected in Gan for another hour; so, I took the boat from Clarks to Fort Henry. This trip took a short 30 mins; which includes the slowdown in front of Treasure Island Yacht Club. (max speed 9 knots)

This was my first real trip and I was sure to have my Charts readily available. The Bateaux Channel is well marked and is fairly easy to navigate. At the mouth of the St Lawrence and Lake Ontario - the waves really pick up...

I almost had an incident today; there are "cable ferry's" that pass between the mainland and islands (i.e.. Simcoe; Howe and Wolfe) Anyway, these bloody cable ferry's follow a cable thats attached to the bottom of the water - but the cabe has such a scope to it; that if you get too close; your prob could potentially run over the cable!! I thought I was doing everything right and I passed the ferry beind it - but as I was passing; I could see the bloody cable! Immediatly I altered my course to port and didnt hit the cable! I imagine the captain of the the ferry thougth I was an numbskull.

Nickeless Out.

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