Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Boating Season Begins

Captains Log: April 27-30th 2007

The boat has been rather lonly in Killarney for the past number of months. I've been waiting for the water become a little nicer here and finally be able to bring the HMCS Nickeless home...

On Thursday night; I drove from Kingston to Peterborough, to pick up my parents Pathfinder (which was to tow the boat). I got to Peterborough at about 11:00 and found my father waiting up for me. We had a 5 minute chat and he went to bed. I had worked a very long day and therefore did the same. I was up early and went to Smitty's with Big Bri for a little old fashioned home cooking. We met up with my two uncles who regaled us with stories.

10:00am - I switched cars with my Mom - she took the Accord and I got the pathfinder. I was on my way to the north!

I got to Sudbury at about 3:00pm and went to Kevin Despot's place. When he got home; we had an amazing BBQ that consisted of steak and salmon. (Recommendation; don't get a salmon roast - this particular product is quite "bony" and requires a lot of detialed attention. (Not something I could do after consuming a bottle of Shiraz.

Later in the night; Kevin and I, along with Louise Rocca went to the invvitable "down town Sudbury" and had a riot! Preceeding this junket; we went to our Friend Stelios' new restaurant called "Ti Amo". The place is a great dessert place - which whould likely put a diabetic into a tailspin. Furthermore; this place is not to be confused with Tye's Amo Outlet of Amunition and Guns)

Saturday; Kev rolled out of bed at 12:00; and we drove to Killarney. As usual; kevin slept the whole trip; forcing me to talk to myself.

We got to Killarney and were met by my close, close, boating friends; Chantal, Jeff, Abey and Ella. We stayed at the infamous KBI (Killarney Bay Inn) becuase it was far too cold to stay onboard the boats.

Actually, this is the night Jeff Kev and I shangheid the buoy... Hmm...

Anyway; Satursday night ended for us 2 cases of beer later and at 5:30am. Igg.

Sunday was a rough drive back to Peterborough; plus I got a sunburn on my right side becuase I left the sunroof open the whole 6 hour trip from Killarney. Lovely, eh? (What an idiot)

The boat trailered well and I was glad to have got it back here safe and sound!

Nickeless Out.

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