Monday, May 21, 2007

Captains Log - Sunday May 20th 2007 (Gananoque, ON)

Well, last night was some what of a gongshow... Had a group of yahoo's from my University of Ottawa days come to Ktown to celebrate Ryan and Alex's bdays. We spent some time at the my place then proceeded to downtown Kingston, where we started our night of debauchery. Met up with Amy and Nicole; who saw us at our very best... Wow. talk about making a first impression. Igg.

Anway; I drank too much. Enough said. So, having said that, the morning of Sunday was a little rough. After Mike and the yahoos left; I went to Clarks where I waxed the deck of the boat and cleaned it up a little. Following that; I took a ride to Kingston to check out the city. It took about 40 minutes from Clarks to Portsmouth Harbour. The weather was lovely; a little windy though. I say many "Ragbags" who were heeled right over. (That looked fun - not)

Anyway, went to Confederation Basin directly accross from the former Parliament Buildings; now the Kingston City Hall. Lots of NICE boats.... Most power...

I had to radio the Harbour Master on 68 because Richardsons indicated they were purveyors of fuel. However, the Harbour Master had a different story. He redirected me to Portsmouth Olympic Harbour. Where I fueled at 1.26/litre. (Not too bad - especially since it's a City Owner marina. Porstmouth is located directly beside the Kingston Penitentiary... Lots of barbed wire and guys with guns at that place!!

Anyway, my ride back to Gan was a little painful for two reasons. One; My hangover hadn't subsided and two; the wind had picked up to 40 knots; and the swells were beating me to a pulp! Once I made it back to the covered Bateuax Channel; the ride was a lot smoother.

Nickeless Out.

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